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Saw: The Complete Goreology

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1 Saw: The Complete Goreology on 12/06/12, 10:47 pm


Just woke up here
Just woke up here
Here is my complete timeline of the events from Saw- Saw: The Final Chapter:

John and Jill walk through the park
Seth kills Angelina
Tim runs over Dylan
Jill becomes pregnant with Gideon
John buys his workshop
Jill opens the Homeward Bound Clinic
William and John meet at the clinic's opening party
Amanda shoots up heroin
Cecil fights Gus at the clinic
Cecil and John meet after Cecil's fight
Cecil and Amanda drive to the clinic
Trevor and Donnie leave the clinic
John meets Addison outside the clinic
Jill locks up clinic
Amanda convinces Cecil to rob clinic
Cecil slams the door on Jill's stomach, killing Gideon
Cecil runs out of the clinic as John finds Jill
John takes Jill to the hospital
Rigg tries to help Jane
Rigg punches Rex
Hoffman covers Rigg when he is questioned by Art
Harold is denied health coverage by Willaim
Jill and Art visit John at his workshop
John is diagnoised with cancer
John is denied health coverage by William
John attempts suicide
John captures Cecil
Cecil is tested
Jill visits John at his workshop
John tells Jill not to come back
Seth is tested
Hoffman cuts a jigsaw piece out of Seth's body
Fisk and Hoffman visit Seth's crime scene
Hoffman tells Fisk to keep him posted
Hoffman recieves a note saying "I Know Who You Are"
Hoffman meets John
John talks to Hoffman about his method of rehabilatation
John and Hoffman capture Paul
John sets up the Razor Wire Maze Trap
Paul is tested
John tells Hoffman to frame Dr. Gordon
Kerry, Tapp, and Sing visit Paul's crime scene
Mark is tested
Kerry, Tapp, and Sing visit Mark's crime scene
Dr. Gordon tells his interns John's condition
Tapp and Sing question Dr. Gordon about his penlight that was found
John constructs Billy the Puppet
John sets up the Reverse Bear Trap
Amanda is tested
Dr. Gordon talks to Brett at the police station
Sing tells Dr. Gordon to stay and listen to Amanda's story
John visits Amanda in her apartment
Tapp drops Dr. Gordon off at home
Hoffman shoots a homless person who assults Gibson
Eric points a gun at a news reporter
Bobby learns of another survivor and decides to lie about being tested
Tapp and Sing hear a fire alarm on Amanda's tape
Tapp and Sing finds Jigsaw's lair
(Drill Chair) Jeff is tested
John slits Tapp's neck
Sing is shot
John tells Amanda that there is no going back
Amanda goes up to Adam's apartment
Dr. Gordon tries to comfort Diana's bad dream
Dr. Gordon and Alison argue
Dr. Gordon goes to the motel room to see Carla
Dr. Gordon is captured
Amanda captures Adam
John and Amanda set up the Bathroom
Dr. Gordon and Adam are tested
Zepp keeps Diana and Alison hostage
Dr. Gordon saws off his foot
Zepp arrives at the Bathroom
Adam beats Zepp to death
Dr. Gordon promises to bring back help and leaves the Bathroom
John gets up off the floor of the Bathroom
John leaves Adam in the Bathroom
Dr. Gordon cautrizes his foot on a hot pipe
John finds Dr. Gordon in the tunnels and heals him by putting a brace on his leg.
Alison and Diana try to call Gordon from the neighbor's house
Amanda has a nightmare about Adam
Amanda enters the Bathroom and suffocates Adam
John visits Jill at the clinic to explain his method
John shows Jill that Amanda is clean
John gets Bobby's book signed
John tells Amanda she must meet death if she wants to be reborn
Eric picks up Daniel from a security office
Daniel tells Eric that he is a better cop than a father
John and Hoffman set up the Nerve Gas House
Xavier, Jonas, Laura, Gus, Addison, Obi, Amanda, and Daniel are tested
Amanda and Daniel find the Bathroom
Xavier cuts his number off the back of his neck in the Bathroom
Daniel slits Xavier's throat
Amanda puts Daniel in a safe
Dr. Gordon sews the key behind Michael's eye
Michael is tested
Eric tries to call Daniel but he does not answer
Kerry and Eric visit Michael's crime scene
Eric, Kerry, and Rigg find Jigsaw's new lair
John tries to talk to Eric
John takes Eric to the Nerve Gas House
Amanda locks him in the Bathroom
Eric breaks his foot and escapes the Bathroom
Eric catches up to Amanda and they fight
Hoffman locks Eric in a room
Dr. Gordon tells John about Lynn
Ryan, Brad, and Dina are tested
Alex and Sydney are tested
Dr. Gordon sews Trevor's eyes and Art's mouth shut
Trevor and Art are tested
Troy is tested
Kerry, Rigg, and Hoffman visit Troy's crime scene
Kerry is captured
Kerry is tested
Rigg, Hoffman, Strahm, and Perez visit Kerry's crime scene
Chris tells Lynn he wants her to get a divorce
Lynn puts a chest tube in a child
Jeff yells at Corbett for taking one of Dylan's old toys
Rigg watches an old interrogation of Jill
Hoffman shows Strahm and Perez the files on the missing people
Tracy asks Rigg to go with her to her mom's
Hoffman sets up The Rack Trap
Jill visits John at the Gideon building
John gives Jill the key to the box
Lynn is captured
Jeff is captured
Rigg is captured
Hoffman writes the letter to Amanda
Hoffman talks to John in the Sick Room
John gives Hoffman the instructions for the Fatal Five game
Danica is tested
Brenda is tested
Judge Halden is tested
Ivan is tested
Tim is tested
Rex and Morgan are tested
Hoffman and Eric are in the Final Test room
Strahm and Perez find Jill at the clinic
Strahm interrogates Jill
Art enters the Final Test room
Art explains the rules to Eric
Strahm and Perez visit Rex's crime scene
Strahm and Perez find a tape from Jigsaw giving them a warning not to proceed
Perez is attacked
Amanda and Lynn fight while Lynn attempts to escape
Strahm calls Perez's mom to inform her about Perez's attack
Strahm yells at Jill and demands to know where the Gideon building is
John pours wax on a tape and swallows it
Amanda reads the letter from Hoffman
Amanda tells Corbett not to trust the one who saves her
Amanda explains to John how nobody is reborn
Jeff approaches the Sick Room, Strahm shortly behind
Amanda shoots Lynn as Jeff enters the Sick Room
Jeff shoots Amanda
John explains the rules of Jeff's final test
Strahm approaches the Sick Room
Jeff slits John's neck
Rigg enters the Final Test room
Rigg shoots Art
Eric's head is crushed by ice blocks
Strahm enters Sick Room and shoots Jeff
Art give Rigg his final tape
Hoffman leaves Final Test room
Hoffman locks Strahm in the Sick Room
Strahm discovers a secret tunnel in the Sick Room
Strahm is captured
Strahm is tested
EMT's and police arrive at the Gideon building
Hoffman carries out Corbett
EMT's carry out Strahm on a gurney
Dr. Heffner performs an autopsy on John
Dr. Heffner finds the tape in John's stomach
Hoffman arrives at the morgue and listens to the tape
Dr. Gordon writes an "I Know Who You Are" note to Hoffman
Jill watches a tape John left her and recieves the box he left her.
Jill opens the box
A ceremony is held deadicating the policemen that died
Hoffman is promoted to Detective Lt.
Hoffman finds another note saying " I Know Who You Are" in his office
Hoffman grabs Strahm's phone from an evidence box
Hoffman visits Strahm at the hospital
Erickson visits Strahm at the hospital
Hoffman arrives at the new lair
The Fatal Five endures their first test: The Neck Tie
Strahm researches Seth and Angelina
Strahm visits the old Seth crime scene site
The Fatal Five endures their second test: The Gas Chambers
Hoffman and Erickson discuss "Strahm's accomplice theory"
The Fatal Five endures their third test: The Electric Tub
Strahm visits the old Paul crime scene site
Jill visits Erickson at the FBI station
Brit discovers the connection of the Fatal Five
The Fatal Five endures their fourth test: The Razor Box
Strahm follows Hoffman from the police station to the refurnished Nerve Gas House
Strahm enters a room where he sees a glass coffin
Hoffman enters the room Strahm is in and they fight
Strahm places Hoffman in the glass coffin
Strahm is crushed to death
Hoffman exits the glass coffin and opens the room where Strahm was crushed
Hoffman takes Strahm's hand
Erickson finds Jigsaw's lair
Erickson finds Brit barely alive
Eddie and Simone are tested
Hoffman plants Strahm's fingerprints in the Flesh Scale Trap
William tells Pamela he is working late
William and Debbie talk about Harold
Hoffman, Erickson, and Perez visit Eddie's crime scene
Hoffman visits Simone in the hospital
Hoffman, Erickson, and Perez talk to Dr. Heffner about Eddie's jigsaw peice
Hoffman visits Jill at the clinic
Jill gives Hoffman five envelopes from the box John left her
William is captured
Pamela is captured
Tara and Brent wake up in a cage in an abandon zoo
Hank is tested
Addy and Allen are tested
Debbie is tested
Dave, Shelby, Emily, Gina, Josh, and Aaron (The Dog Pit) are tested
Jill drops off a package at the hospital
Dr. Gordon opens the package and watches the tape from John
Hoffman visits the FBI office
Jill packs the box up and leaves her apartment
Erickson and Perez try to descramble Seth's tape
Hoffman kills Erickson and Perez and plants Strahm's fingerprints
Hoffman arrives at the abandoned zoo
Jill sets a copy of Hoffman's letter to Amanda on the desk of the abandoned zoo
Willaim finds Tara, Brent, and Pamela in the cages
Jill electrocutes Hoffman
Jill puts Hoffman in the Reverse Bear Trap 2.0
Brent pulls "Die" lever in the cage
Willaim has spikes in his back pouring Hydrofloric acid in his body
Jill leaves Hoffman in the room
Hoffman escapes the Reverse Bear Trap 2.0
Hoffman grabs medical supplies while Jill is hiding
Hoffman arrives at his lair and stitches himself up
Hoffman destroys his phone and IDs
Jill talks to Gibson about Hoffman's identity
Jill has a dream that Hoffman kills her
Bobby goes on a talk show to talk about his survival
Evan, Kara, Dan, and Jake are tested
Bobby talks with Jigsaw survivors
Cale talks to Bobby about Dr. Gordon
Gibson visits the morgue
Rogers discovers the junkyard
Gibson visits Junkyard crime scene
Bobby is captured
Bobby is in the Suspended Cage
Nina is tested
Suzanne is tested
Cale is tested
Gibson talks to Jill in the safe house
Palmer tells Gibson that Hoffman knows where Jill is
Hoffman sets off a bomb at the junkyard
Hoffman takes Dan's body and hides in the body bag
Gibson and Palmer watch a tape from Hoffman
The Garage trap victim's bodies arrive at the mourge
Palmer shows Gibson and Rogers that Bobby is being tested
Gibson questions Jill about Bobby
Gibson, Palmer, and Rogers watch another tape from Hoffman
Gibson and Rogers visit Crossroads Manufaturing
Bobby pulls out his teeth to get to Joyce
The police search the Clear Dawn Pyschiatric Hospital
Palmer tells Gibson that Hoffman was at the Junkyard
Gibson discovers the secret tunnel in the Junkyard
Bobby gets to Joyce
Gibson finds out that Hoffman was watching them the whole time
Gibson is killed by a machine gun
Hoffman kills Dr. Heffner and Palmer
Bobby puts hooks in his chest to save Joyce
Joyce burns to death
Hoffman kills Rogers
Hoffman chases Jill in the police station
Hoffman places Jill in the Reverse Bear Trap where she dies
Hoffman burns his lair
Dr. Gordon captures Hoffman
Dr. Gordon locks Hoffman in the Bathroom

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2 Re: Saw: The Complete Goreology on 17/12/12, 03:24 pm


Just woke up here
Just woke up here

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