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My FanScript!

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1My FanScript! Empty My FanScript! on 23/03/09, 07:18 pm

Banned Dog

Banned Dog
Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
So I wrote a new fan script... yeah...

Saw VI Fan Script

Alright guys, I know I already made one, but I was a bit disappointed in it to say the least. This time I'ma try to connect to the other Saws a bit more, fill up some plot holes, tying up loose ends, and not leave a cliff hanger.

*Opening Credits*

*The Opening Scene Shows the Gideon Warehouse Building, a SWAT team is assembling outside, along with one FBI Agent.*

*The SWAT Officers Assemble Around a Door.*

SWAT Officer: 3... 2... 1... Go! *Kicks down the door.*

*The SWAT officers quickly enter a large, dark room.*

SWAT Officer: Shit it's dark...

*The FBI Agent walks in and flicks the light switch, a peeved look on his face.*

SWAT Officer: Oh... I knew that was there...

FBI Agent: Hmm... So, what exactly do you hope to find with this raid?

SWAT: There's still a Jigsaw Killer out there, it may be a copy cat, but our only lead is this building, this is where many of the traps have taken place. Why the hell are you on this raid anyway... whoever you are, I forget your name.

Agent Young: I'm Agent Nathan Young, and Erickson assigned me to this case when Strahm was taken off it.

SWAT: Fine. Careful guys... this place could be rigged to hell.

*They continue through a hallway, when they reach a staircase, Agent Young stops them.*

Agent Young: Got the rocks I told you to bring?

SWAT: Yeah, *Pulls out a bag of small rocks* why the hell do we need these again?

Agent Young: Just incase *picks up a rock and throws it at the middle stair, a guillotine blade quickly pushes out of the stair*.

SWAT: Damn...

*The group continues up the stairs, and they reach an office building.*

SWAT: Alright, let's see what we can find.

*Agent Young starts rummaging through a desk. He opens one draw to reveal a pig mask. Another draw has a case full of syringes.*

Agent Young: This must be what he uses to catch his victims, confiscate them.

*Agent Young opens a third, larger draw. A file holder rolls out. There are many files, each dated and labeled. The first reads 'Bathroom Trap', he puts it on the desk. Next 'Nerve Gas House', he carefully places that one desk as well. Many files labeling familiar traps come out. 'Jeffs Test', 'Riggs Test' and 'Strahms Test' are there.*

Agent Young: Strahm? Crap... *he opens the folder, pictures of the water cube and glass box are in the file. At the end of the file is a page labeled: Results. 'Failed' is written in red on the page.* SHIT! *Pounds his fist on the desk.*

SWAT: What? What did you find?

Agent Young: Strahm's dead.

SWAT: Well... at least that's one person off the suspect list.

*Agent Young shoots the SWAT officer a look.*

Agent Young: I guess so... *he continues through the file and picks up the last folder.* Wait a second... this is dated tomorrow...

SWAT: What?

Agent Young: Tomorrow, this trap is going to take place freaking tomorrow!

SWAT: Really? Let's see, maybe we can stop it.

Agent Young: Looks like it, we've got the address, specific location, victims, everything.

-Scene End-

*The next scene with the FBI, Young and Erickson are discussing the trap tomorrow.*

Erickson: So the SWAT officers will be able to go to the trap scene before hand, and take down this new Jigsaw if he tries to place any victims... I seriously hope it isn't Strahm doing this.

Agent Young: About that... *passes the file 'Strahms Tests' over Ericksons desk.*.

Erickson: *Sighs* I told him to stay away... *closes the file.* Now, perhaps what we should do is notify these victims, I want you to call them from home, they might not answer if we call from here.

Agent Young: Why do you think that?

Erickson: Because Jigsaw is a vigilante, almost all of his victims had done something wrong or were cops. Since these people aren't cops, they're probably crooks.

Agent Young: Uhg... you know how I feel about criminals.

Erickson: Yes yes, they're all scum who deserve no better then death, we've all heard it. Now will you do this for me?

Agent Young: Do I have any choice?

Erickson: Good, in the mean time, we'll check out the locations of some of these traps, see if we can pick up any leads.

Agent Young: Sounds like a plan. I should head home now.

*Agent Young walks out the office, as the door is about to shut, a foot is shoved in and the door remains open. The door reopens, and Jill Tuck is revealed. She's carrying her box in her arm.*

Erickson: Mrs. Tuck, hello again.

Jill: I've got something you might want. This. *She puts the box on the table.*

Erickson: ...What is it?

Jill: It was left in Johns will to me, it was incase he was betrayed.

Erickson: Betrayed? By who?

Jill: Open it and see...

*Erickson opens the box and pulls out a stack a papers. Some are photos, other documents. He sifts through them. Photos of Mark Hoffman labeled as such and documents describing his relation to the traps.*
Erickson: Jesus Hoffman...
Authors Note: *Face Palm*

Jill: There's your apprentice, he's the last one, none of those documents describe another.

Erickson: Thank you Jill, if we act fast we can get him before anyone else is harmed.

-Scene End-

*The next scene is at an apartment, Agent Young is looking through the photos and has a phone book next to him.*

Agent Young: Alright... first number... Mr. Vincent Bravowski. *Dials a number*

Answering Machine: *In a cryptic voice.* I apologize, Vincent isn't able to come to the phone right now, he's in a bit of a predicament. -Beep-.

Agent Young: Crud, the kidnapping has already begun, let's see if I can get any of these people. *looks at the next photo.* Hmm... Savannah White. *Dials*.

Savannah: Hello? Who is this?

Agent Young: Hi, this is Agent Nathan Young of the FBI, could I ta-

Savannah: FBI?! SHIT! *Hangs up*.

Agent Young: Damn criminal, deserves to be kidnapped...

*Agent Young starts to flip to the next picture, but suddenly he hears a ripping noise. He looks closely at the photo, and realizes another photo is stuck behind Savannahs. He carefully pries it loose. The camera angle changes, so we only see Agent Young's face, his eyes widen as he looks at the picture. The camera angle pans back to the picture, and we see a photo of Agent Young. Suddenly, the lights go out and the apartment is submerged in darkness.*

Agent Young: Oh snap... *His hand feels for a gun on the table infront of him. He grabs it and stands up.* Where are you... *he glances around* WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?

*A thump is heard.*

Agent Young: Fuck.

*Agent Young starts walking around his house, he reaches the kitchen when he hears a sinister laugh (we recognize it as the Billy laugh), he looks at the source, under his sink. He opens a cabinet under the sink and we see a faint outline of Billy the Puppet. Agent Young takes a closer look, when a flash of bright light comes out of his eyes.*

Agent Young: ARGH! *Agent Young clenches his eyes with his palm. He stumbles over blindly toward a pantry, and a figure in a pig mask hurries out and tackles him.*

-Scene End-

*This scene shows SWAT units going through the sewers. The same officer we saw in the warehouse takes a step, and a faint squish is heard, he looks down to discover he stepped on a hand. The hand of the lifeless body of Dr. Gordon.*

*The camera pans up, and instead of the SWAT officer, we see Hoffman. He looks down at the lifeless body of Dr. Gordon, John Kramer comes up from behind up to see what Hoffman is looking at.*

John Kramer: He didn't cherish his life enough to end that of another.

Hoffman: That touches on something I wanted to ask you... why would you force on to kill another? Aren't we supposed to be giving everyone a chance?

John Kramer: Both victims had a chance in this game, through poor strategy, they both failed.

*The two continue walking, they enter the bathroom. Hoffman turns on the light, and they see the bodies of Zep Hindle and Adam Faulkner. Hoffman walks over the Adams body.*

Hoffman: This isn't right...

John Kramer: True... his stance suggests he was suffocated... but he didn't do it to himself...

Hoffman: Amanda...

John Kramer: She must be tested, we need to make sure she can appropriately carry on the legacy.

Screams in distance: AMANDA! (We recognize the screams as Xavier)
Scream in distance: Daniel! We've got to go! (Amanda)

John Kramer: We must depart...

*The two leave the bathroom, suddenly, the SWAT officers come through the door.*

SWAT Officer: *Looks at all the bodies in the room; Adam, Zep and Xavier.* Oh man... this isn't pretty.

SWAT Officer #2: Doesn't look like there's anything in here...

SWAT Officer: Yeah... let's get out of here.

*The SWAT Officers leave the room and go down a hallway, on the left side, one of them spots blood on the pipes. A close up of the blood shows one finger brushing the blood. As the camera pans back over, instead of the SWAT we instead see Hoffman. He crouches down and starts dragging off the unconscious body of Eric Matthews. As he turns around a corner, we see the SWAT around the corner instead of Hoffman.*

SWAT Officer: This place gives me the creeps...

-Scene End-

Authors Note: Were those 'fluid flashbacks' a bit too confusing? Could you follow them?

*The scene opens in a darkish room. A girl is pacing around back in forth, there are 6 other people in the room. Among them, we recognize Agent Young. Suddenly, a second person wakes.*

???Male: What... what the fuck?

???Female: Hu, that's exactly what I said...

???Male: Who... who the fuck are you? And where the fuck am I?

Court: I'm Courtney, you can just call me Court. And I have no idea where we are...

???Male: *Looks around the room.* You know any of these people?

Court: Nope... so who are you?

Vincent: Uh... Vincent.

*Two others start waking up.*

???Female #2: Uhhg... my head. What happened? (Observant Viewers will recognize the voice as Savannah)

Vincent: You got kidnapped, like the rest of us?

???Male #2: Kidnapped? Oh shit...

Court: Yeah... I dunno what's going to happen... so who are you guys?

Savannah: Savannah... you?

Court: I'm Court... this is Vincent. And how bout you?

Ryan: Ryan...

*The last two people wake up.*

Agent Young: Uh... oh god... oh god oh god oh god...

???Male #3: What the hell? *spots the others* Who the hell... you... you put me here.

Agent Young: No they didn't...

???Male #3: How do you know?

Agent Young: Because they're here too... this wasn't them... it's Jigsaw.

Court: You mean that serial killer? He's dead...

Agent Young: He has an apprentice, I was working on tracking him down when I was kidnapped.

Ryan: Wait, how do you know all this? You have some explaining to do...

Agent Young: Because I'm on his case. FBI Agent Nathan Young, you can call me Nathan.

Savannah: Wait a second... Nathan Young? You're that guy who called me!

Agent Young: Yup, and you hung up. Look at where you are now. I was TRYING to warn you about this.

Savannah: But... how would you know?

Agent Young: Because, we discovered the plans for this trap at one of the killers hideouts.

Vincent: Okay... so who are you? *Points to the last person.*

Jeremy: Jeremy... I'm Jeremy.

*Suddenly, a cabinet door burst in front of them bursts open to reveal a TV, it flashes on. Billy the Puppet is on the screen.*

Billy: Hello to all six of you... I want to play a game. In 2 hours, the interior of this house will ignite in savage flames, killing anyone who's still here. In order to escape, you must find a key which will lead you out of the house. Here's the catch, each exit will seal shut after only one person walks through it. There are 7 exits, but will you find all 7 keys in time? Let the games begin.

Savannah: Oh snap...

Vincent: Sith...

-Scene End-

Authors Note: No, Sith wasn't a typo, it's sorta an inside joke.

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2My FanScript! Empty Re: My FanScript! on 23/03/09, 07:20 pm

Banned Dog

Banned Dog
Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
*The next scene is in Erickson's Office, Jill and her box are also present.*

Erickson: Where could he be? We need to show him this information.

Jill: Did you try calling him?

Erickson: I left him a message as soon as you showed me the box...

Jill: Well try his home phone.

Erickson: I suppose there's no harm in trying. *Starts dialing*

Answering Machine: *In a cryptic voice.* I'm apologize, Nathan isn't able to come to the phone right now. He's in a bit of a predicament. -Beep-

Erickson: Jesus Nathan.
Authors Note: Am I over using that???

Jill: *Sighs* Well I suppose your agency failed to stop the next trap.

Erickson: Unfortunately... Anyway. The Mark Hoffmans rank has been stripped, and he's currently being searched for.

Jill: He's in hiding?

Erickson: Apparently he anticipated being discovered, and disappeared yesterday. Does anything in your box give clues as to where he might be?

Jill: None... But I do have an idea. If there's a trap going on, wouldn't Hoffman be watching it? Wasn't there a SWAT team that was supposed to go to that address?

Erickson: Interesting... as for that SWAT team, the address was faulty. Hoffman is one step ahead of us...

Jill: If Hoffman knew you'd find those files, why didn't he just remove them?

Erickson: I'm not sure... but he seems to have a plan. Perhaps we'll find out soon.

*We now see Kerrys trap. The SWAT Officers enter the room cautiously and see the empty harness. The camera pans from the SWAT Officers, to the harness, and then to Hoffman, who's talking with Amanda.*

Amanda: I just need you to help me get her in the straps. I can't lift her myself.

Hoffman: What exactly is this trap?

Amanda: It's simple, she has to get a key from a jar of acid *points to a empty jar*, and unstrap the needle beds from her rib cage. If she fails, then her ribs will be ripped out.

Hoffman: How will getting a key take a needle bed from her rib cage?

Amanda: You wanna try it and find out?

Hoffman: Amanda, if this trap isn't solvable...

Amanda: Look, will you help me lift her or not?

Hoffman: Fine... but John knows what you're doing, you're not helping yourself or these people...

*The camera pans back to the SWAT team.*

SWAT Officer: There's nothing for us here... what's next?

SWAT Officer #2: The file says 'Nerve Gas House'.

*We see a van driving up to a shaggy house. The SWAT members pour out and enter the house through the main door we saw in Saw II. The Camera pans around the entrance hall, when it get back to the broken door. We see it fixed, and Hoffman painting EXIT on the door.*

*He finishes, and continues walking through the house. He puts up the 'X Marks the Spot' picture, and the last thing we see him do is walk up the stairs and empty needles into the pit.*

SWAT Officer #2: Jesus *looks into the needle pit.*, this place is creepy...

-Scene End-

*The next scene is back in the home with Agent Young. Most of the victims are rummaging through cabinets and drawers. Agent Young is standing at the side, shaking his head.*

Agent Young: It's not going to be that easy, this is Jigsaw we're dealing with, he's not just hiding a key in a draw, he's ganna make you do something painful for those keys. *Agent Young walks out of the room, into a hallway.*

Vincent: Dammit, he's probably right. We're wasting our time, let's go.

*The rest of the victims follow Agent Young, unsure looks on all their faces.*

Agent Young: Look for hidden rooms, abnormal things, stuck doors, things like that...

Savannah: I think I found something...

Ryan: What? What'd you find?

Savannah: It's a room... I found a room. It's behind the staircase.

*The others assemble behind the staircase. Savannah and Jeremy dust off the surface, and a camouflaged door is revealed. Savannah pushes on it, but it doesn't open.*

Vincent: Clear out *Vincent motions for the others to move aside. Charges at the door, and it falls over down a staircase.*

Agent Young: This looks promising.

Jeremy: I have a bad feeling about this...

*The six walk down the staircase, Ryan finds a light switch and flicks, however it seems to turn nothing on. They continue walking in almost complete darkness, as Vincent reaches the bottom step however, lights flash on in the basement room. In the room, a strange swerving balance beam is present. A TV flashes on.*

Billy: Hello Jeremy, I want to play a game. You've been twisting and turning through life. Now, we'll see if you can simply stay on course. In front of you is a thin metal balance beam. If you want the key to exit this house, you'll have to stay on it. If you fall off, you'll suffer sever burns from the heat panels located on the ground. You have 3 minutes.

*The TV flashes off, Jeremy, a worried look in his eyes, glances at the clock, which now reads 2:30.*

Ryan: What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

*Jeremy places one foot on the balance beam carefully. He places the next, and slowly following this process he makes progress. Suddenly the floor starts to glow, and the heat panels become hotter and hotter. Jeremy loses concentration and starts to wobble.*

Savannah: Oh my god!

*Jeremy stables himself, but on his next step his foot slips off. He falls of the beam to the left and falls on the floor. He starts rolling over as he screams in pain. His skin turns pitch black instantaneously as it hits the floor. Suddenly, the rolling and screams stop, and Jeremy lies still.*

Vincent: Sith...

*The clock reads 1:01*

Agent Young: There's still time for someone else to go, any volunteers?

*Nobody says a word, they keep staring at Jeremys charred corpse.*

Court: Let's get out of here.

Savannah: Yeah, I like that idea...

-Scene End-

*The SWAT team is now in the room in which Lynn was held. They spread out, the main SWAT Officer comes across a desk. He opens a draw, and a close up of the draw shows a hand pulling out an envelope. When the camera zooms back out, we see Amanda, opening the envelope. We then see Hoffman writing a letter, John comes up from behind him.*

John Kramer: Remember Hoffman, this letter has to test her emotional control. Make it distressing.

*Hoffman nods.*

*We then see Amanda, distressed over what she's reading. She walks away from the desk. As she leaves the room, the SWAT officer walks back into the camera.*

SWAT Officer #2: Nothing... we've still got nothing...

SWAT Officer #1: We can't go back empty handed, what's next?

*We see the Officers approaching the Gideon Warehouse, in the place Rigg entered. They enter the room, we see the see-saw type thing, still there. The camera pans over to where Art sat, then back to the see-saw. We see a Hoffman carrying an unconscious into the room, then placing him on the ice block. Hoffman then straps himself into the chair, making sure the knots are loose enough to pull undone.*

-Scene End- (Damn, very short scene)
*We see the group of 5. Court, who's deeply traumatized, is grabbing onto Ryan. Agent Young, Savannah and Vincent are discussing their situation.*

Agent Young: So Savannah, when I told you I was from the FBI, you were pretty quick to hang up. Wanna tell me what that was about?

Savannah: Let's just say I've recently done some things I'm not so proud of.

Agent Young: What about you Vincent? What's your story?

Vincent: Same as Savannah. I hear this Jigsaw guy is a vigilante though, so he only traps crooks. What's your story?

Agent Young: Crooks and cops. There are plenty of good people who didn't deserve to be trapped by this guy.

Vincent: Hu... I guess so.

Savannah: Hmm, well it sucks that you got pulled into this with no real good reason.

Agent Young: Hmm...

*A loud bump is heard upstairs.*

Ryan: Hey slackers! We found something!

*The three walk over to Ryan and Court, who've found a part of the wall which slides out.*

Court: It's probably another trap...

Agent Young: Another trap means another key, let's go.

*All five walk into the dark room. Savannah flips a light switch and a large metal box is seen before them in the small room. A TV flickers on.*

Billy: Hello Savannah, I want to play a game. Your life is a lie Savannah, you tell people your happy and cheerful, but inside your depressed and moody. Recently you've found the only thing that makes you happy is what makes others suffer, a pitiful existence this is Savannah, you know that. Here and now, I give you a chance for redemption. Before you is a large metal box. 4 armed sized holes are in the box. You cannot see what's inside those holes, but one of them contains a key. In 3 minutes, the holes will seal shut... be careful that your arm isn't in one of the holes... Will you reach into the unknown to save yourself Savannah? Ask yourself that.

*The TV flashes off.*
Savannah: Oh god...

*Savannah stepped forward and put her hand on the metal box, yelped, and quickly pulled it away.*

Savannah: Oh man, it's really hot...

Agent Young: You have two minutes Savannah...

Savannah: Alright... here I go...

*Savannah puts her hand into the first hole. Screaming in pain, she used her other arm to hold it in there.*

Savannah: It's filled with fire! It's freaking on fire! Argh! *She puts her hand in deeper.* Dammit! No key! *She rips her hand out.*

Court: You've gatta hurry, you're not ganna make it at that rate.

Savannah: Alright... I'll do two at once... *she whimpers, then sticks both her hands in once.* ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! *She pulls both her hands out, revealing the key was in neither of those holes.

Vincent: 45 seconds, hurry!

Savannah: Okay... okay... here I go. *She sticks her two arms in the last two holes. After 10 seconds, she pulls her arm out of the fifth hole.* It's in this one... I can't pick it up! I can't freaking pick it up! *She rips her arm out.*

Agent Young: C'mon Savannah, you only have 25 seconds!

*Savannah puts her arm in, trying to grab the key. She fails again.*

Savannah: Dammit... must get key... *she shoves her arm in, this time when she rips her arm out, a key flies across the room. A second later, the holes slam shut. Savannah falls to the ground sobbing.*

Vincent: Here's your key. *he drops it next to Savannahs pitch black arms.*

Ryan: Come on, let's keep moving. The rest of us still need keys...

Court: Yea... let's go.

*Vincent reaches a hand out to Savannah to help her up.*

Agent Young: You should go.
Savannah: No... I'll stay, I want to help you guys. I'll stay till I need to go.

Agent Young: Nice of you to say, but you should get out of here, it's dangerous.

Savannah: No. I can help you.

Agent Young: Doesn't make any sense to me why'd you wanna stay, but fine. It's your choice.

*The 5 exit the room, Vincent spots something down the hallway.*

Vincent: What's that? *Points down the hallway.*

Ryan: Dunno... let's check it out.

*The five walk down to find what appears to be a sheet of glass.*

Savannah: Someone break it.

Agent Young: *Pulls off his shoe.* No problem. *Throws his shoe at the glass, revealing a passage behind it. He then gathers his shoe and puts it back on.*

*The 5 walk in to the room, before them is a small tunnel, a TV flickers on.*

Billy: Hello Courtney, I want to play a game. You're a awful excuse for a human being, Courtney. Your life has no purpose; you're unemployed, but by leeching off the success of others, you've made a sustainable living... pitiful. Now you must experience what life truly is, for you've not really been living. Before you is a small tunnel, the tunnel is floored with aluminum, which will gradually heat up as you go through the passage. At the end of the tunnel is a key, and a way back to this room which involves no pain. After two minutes, the entrance to the tunnel will shut, after three minutes, the exit will shut, trapping you forever.

*The TV turns off.*

Court: Shit... no no no! I'm freaking claustrophobic. I... I can't.

Ryan: You gatta, or you'll die in here Court. C'mon, I know you can do it.

Court: Okay... okay... I can do this... *Court crouches in front of the tunnel and gets ready to crawl through.*

*Court starts crawling, she yelps as she touches the metal. Suddenly she bolts forward, crawling as fast as she can and screaming at the top of her lungs.*

Ryan: Oh god! Court!
*Court falls on her stomach from the pain, burning that skin as well. She lets out a horrific scream at the tunnel closes behind her.*

Vincent: Good luck Court...

*Muffled screams can be heard from outside the tunnel.*

Agent Young: She's running out of time...

*The screams get no farther away.*

Savannah: She's not ganna make it...


*The timer beeps, and a slam is heard. The screams get louder.*


Agent Young: She's gone... we have to keep going.

-Scene End- (Long Scene o.O)

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3My FanScript! Empty Re: My FanScript! on 23/03/09, 07:20 pm

Banned Dog

Banned Dog
Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
*Erickson and Jill are talking in his office again.*

Erickson: I'm afraid the SWAT team came back empty-handed.

Jill: I said it before, I'll say it again. You need to find the location of that trap, Hoffman will be monitoring it.

Erickson: The problem is we have no leads as to where it could be.

Jill: Damn... there must be some lead we have on him.

*An agent opens the door quickly.*

FBI Agent: Erickson, they found something in forensics. You should see this.

Erickson: Finally, the breakthrough we've been looking for!

*Erickson and Jill get up.*

Erickson: Sorry Jill, you're not going to be allowed in the forensics department.

Jill: Fine, I'll just wait here.

*Erickson enters a large, dimly lit room.*

Forensic Investigator: We found something. Apparently the SWAT members were recording their conversations. In the recording at a scene called 'The Bathroom' we heard something strange. If you listen very very closely, you can hear footsteps, human footsteps.

Erickson: It couldn't be one of the SWAT members?

Forensic Investigator: No, the footsteps are from outside the room, someone was listening to them.

Erickson: And who else would know the location of the bathroom... Hoffman. We'll leave immediately, let me just take care of some business real quick.

*Erickson opens the door to his office.*

Erickson: Jill, we have a lead to Hoffman. You should go home, I'll contact you with whatever happens.

Jill: Alright, good luck Erickson.

*Erickson nods and closes his door.*

Erickson: Alright, we're going to 'The Bathroom'.

-Scene End-

*The 4 remaining victims are in the room with all the exits.*

Ryan: Why don't you just leave?

Savannah: Because I want to help you...

Ryan: Help? Since you've been here, both Jeremy and Court DIED! You call that helping!?

Vincent: Those were in no way her fault and you know it. Stop looking for things to blame.

Ryan: God dammit! I'll fucking kill you!

Vincent: Oh really? *Gives Ryan a challenging glance.*

Ryan: Really! *Stomps his foot.*

*The stomp makes a huge noise, much louder then would be expected.*

Agent Young: *Gets up.* Under your feet... it's a trap door.

*Ryan looks down, sure enough a faint outline of a square can be found.*

Ryan: How do you open it if there's no handle, genius.

Agent Young: You have to push harder. Keep stomping.

*Ryan and Vincent start stomping the door until it finally becomes undone. A staircase to another basement room is revealed. The 4 walk down the stairs, the room is almost pitch black. Agent Young flicks a switch, but instead of a light, a fire starts to illuminate the room. A TV comes on.*

Billy: Hello, Agent Nathan Young, I want to play a game. I find it ironic that you're here Agent Young, because your belief is that criminals are scum, and not one of them deserves a chance. The one you would call 'The Original Jigsaw', John Kramer, had an opposite belief. He believed each and every person deserved a chance for redemption. You've pushed your belief so far that you banished the memory of your sister. Let me tell you Agent Young, I knew your sister, you know that I knew her. She was given a chance for redemption, that's more then her own brother ever offered her. Now Agent Young, you're going to have to let go of your obsession, and forgive. Before you is a single draw. The draw is filled with pictures, all the women there look like your sister, but only one is her. Each of these pictures is attached to an envelope, inside the envelopes are keys. To get the keys inside the envelopes, you must burn them on the torch. One of these keys will open the chest at the end of the room, and the exit key inside will be yours. You only have three minutes Agent Young, hurry up.

*Agent Young looked blankly at the draw.*

Savannah: At least open it! You've got to try!

Agent Young: Yea... I can do this... I can do this.

*Agent Young opened the draw, stuffed with photos and envelopes. He looked at each one individually.*

Agent Young: Dammit... what did she look like? I can't even remember the color of her freaking hair!

Vincent: Come on Nathan, you can do it.

Savannah: Try to remember your childhood, do you remember her at all?

Agent Young: I've spent years trying to get rid of her memory... it's not that easy!

Vincent: Well you have two more minutes to remember, hurry up!

*Agent Young finally picks out a picture. He runs over to the torch and burns the envelope. He grabs the key which is searing hot, ignoring the pain because of his desperation. He shoves the key into the keyhole, but it doesn't turn.*

Agent Young: Oh god! Oh god! *Agent Young runs back to the draw, he rummages through the photos again. He picks out another one, and repeats the same process. The key still fails to turn.*

Savannah: 30 seconds, come on! You only have time for one more!

*Agent Young frantically sifts through the pictures. Finally, he picks one up which appears to be Amanda. Agent Young looks at it closely and decides this must be his sister. He runs over to burn the envelope, but is careful not to burn the photo. He then grabs the key and turns it in the lock. The chest comes undone with 2 seconds to go. Agent Young falls to the floor, staring at the photo of his sister.*

Agent Young: ...She's beautiful.

Ryan: Oh yea? That's fucking wonderful, now can we get out of here?

*Agent Young gets up, storing the key and the photo in his pocket.*

Agent Young: Yeah, let's go.

*The four walk up the staircase, suddenly a sinister laugh fills the house, followed by a cryptic voice: Five Minutes Remaining.*

Vincent: Oh fuck... you two better get out of here... you won you're traps, you deserve the keys.

Savannah: Yeah... I guess so...

*Savannah and Agent Young pull out their keys, suddenly, Ryan pulls a pistol from his pocket.*

Ryan: Neither of you are leaving until I have a key.

Vincent: Where- Where the hell did you get that??

Ryan: None of your business, now, one of you give me a key.

Savannah: But... we earned our keys... you didn't do a trap.

Ryan: Think I care? I'm leaving this place, and two of your aren't.

Savannah: Okay... I'll... I'll give you my key...

Ryan: Damn right you will. *He reached his hand out for the key, staring straight into Savannahs eyes.*

*Vincent took his chance, he jumped Ryan and tackled him to the ground. He punched Ryan in the fake violently, but Ryan quickly returned the favor. Ryan hit Vincent in the collar which such force that Vincent was knocked over backwards. Ryan got on his feet, but Vincent swung his leg at him so that Ryan fell over again.*

Vincent: Get out of here! *He pointed to the exits.*

-Scene End-
-Final Scene-

*We see Erickson and two other Agents, in the sewers.*

*They approach the bathroom, Erickson gets out his gun as they see the door. Erickson is the first to walk in. Suddenly, before the other two agents can walk in, the door slams.

Erickson: What the fu- *A pig mask is seen tackling him.*

*Quick cut of Vincent and Ryan*

*Vincent swings another punch at Ryan, who dodges. Suddenly, Ryan spots Savannah opening her door. He shoots at her, but Vincent tackles him again, and the shot misses. Savannah opens her door, quickly followed by Agent Young. Ryan takes another shot, this time at Vincent. The bullet hits Vincent in the knee.*

Vincent: ARGH!

Ryan: You're fucking dead, you're fucking de-

*Vincent lays a furious punch at Ryans temple. Ryan is completely silenced. Savannah and Agent Young wave to Vincent, who weakly waves back. The two exit their doors. And they're slammed shut.

*Quick Cut to a dark room, we see the outline of Ericksons mustache.*

*Erickson wakes up in the bathroom, tight shackles around both his feet.*

Erickson: He- Hello? Anyone there?

Jill: Erickson? Shit! What happened? Where are we?
Erickson: We're... We're in 'The Bathroom'.

*Suddenly the lights flash on, Hoffman is standing at the door.*

Erickson: Jesus Hoffman...
Authors Note: *Face Palm*

Jill: You ass!

*The camera quickly cuts to Vincent*

*A sinister laugh (Billy Laugh) fills the home again.*

Voice: Game Over!

*A fire erupts violently.*

*Quick cut of Hoffman*

Hoffman: ...Game Over. *Turns out the lights and shuts the door.*


So... what do you think? It's definitely better then my last one. Sure there was no huge twists or anything, but at least this time I wrapped everything up.

What worked for you? What was kinda lame? The things I wasn't sure would work were the SWAT scenes, when the flashbacks were really fluid and such.

Oh yeah, I know I didn't include the ending 'flashback montage'. I love those parts, but I really didn't write it in a way that allowed for that. On the plus side, I made TWO game overs, to make up for Hoffman letting us down in Saw V.

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Just woke up here
Just woke up here
-Will read later- Smile

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