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The HOJ Theme Song!!!

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1The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 25/03/09, 05:04 pm

Banned Dog

Banned Dog
Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
So yeah, I made this for HOJ(1), but I'll post it here too Smile Here's my exact post in HOJ:

What a lot of you guys don't know about me is I'm a poet
Seriously, I'm currently working on a poetry book which has a chance of being published. (Which is awesome!)

Anyway! I got really bored today, so I decided to make this...

The HOJ Theme Song

Sitting here talking about SAW
Waiting patiently till the fall
That's when the next movie will come out
The thought of it makes people shout
We're so anxious that there's a countdown
We look at the days left, we just frown
But we don't worry cause soon we'll be
Watching Saw VI and grinning with glee

There's a lot of people here at HOJ
You won't get lonely or filled with dismay
And don't worry it's not a sausage fest
Cause there's IgJay and Bev and all the rest
Sure we got a lot of Gordonites
But we get along, yeah that's right
And then there's that monthly family drama
But don't worry cause it won't cause trauma

We sure do like to discuss our theories
We post our fan scripts, ask our queries
Be careful and please don't feed the trolls
Keep typos at bay, they'll take their tolls
Make sure you keep away from the zD
We use zD here and that fact is key
If you want you can play a forum game
They're all fun, though sort of lame

And on this forum all the cool cats
Post in Other Stuff about this and that
Adam Alberts still lurks the thread
Every once in awhile we gatta knock his head
Don't worry cause Nya does his job well
He kicks troll ass and he sure is swell
So if you wanna join our community
Just remember what I told ya, and use zD

Whatcha think? I like it

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2The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty Re: The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 25/03/09, 05:07 pm


Like i just said on the other forum: Smile

I like it tbh.

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3The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty Re: The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 27/03/09, 05:40 pm

An Attack Poet. Stranger things have happened.

btw i like it

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4The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty Re: The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 08/04/09, 08:13 am

Soggy Sao

Soggy Sao
Just woke up here
Just woke up here
That is awesome Smile

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5The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty Re: The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 25/06/09, 09:07 am


Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
Vayase para la mierda.

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6The HOJ Theme Song!!! Empty Re: The HOJ Theme Song!!! on 25/06/09, 02:52 pm


Just woke up here
Just woke up here
This actually may be the worst poem I've ever read. Seriously, I'm not just saying that because AD wrote it, I'm saying it because it sucks.

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