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TONS of new stuff on Kevin's Blog

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1 TONS of new stuff on Kevin's Blog on 11/05/09, 11:23 pm


If you have followed the link to Kevin's blog in the user bar recently, you may have noticed a LOT of new info on Kevin's blog, from pics of the editing room and from the set to a lot of new cast info, you'll probably find a lot of that stuff interesting as a Saw fan!

Can't wait to see more

Saw VI - 10.23.09
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Saw6 is starting to get closer and closer Smile
I wished we had already seen a pic of Amanda, but it wouldnt surprise me if we dont see anything of her until the movie actually comes out.

There are a lot of new characters what I personally dont like that much. I dont need new people or stories if it´s the final movie. I want to see more of the past and finally a good ending including the interesting characters we already have.

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Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
I clicked on the link and I have to say I'm disappointed.

"Not Found

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found."

This is only enough information to keep me entertained for about a week. Where is all the good stuff? Very disappointed.

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