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Rate The Saw Game

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1 Rate The Saw Game on 10/01/10, 07:03 pm


Jigsaw apprentice
Jigsaw apprentice
I'd give a 7/10. The game was enjoyable enough, had a good plot that tied into the films cleverly enough and I definitely got a strong Saw vibe from it throughout. The game felt like it combined aspects of all of the films into one nice package. On the downside though, the combat system made fighting a chore and led to cheap deaths on multiple occasions, some puzzles were just too tedious and ridiculously OTT with their difficulty and the lack of any of Clouser's scores definitely sort of took away from the authenticity of the Saw experience. There were also some glaring logic errors, like why Tapp never bothers removing the shoes of the dead minions and wearing them himself so hazards like broken glass aren't an issue, and why he can't pocket items like lighters and revolvers, rather than having to discard one for the other.

Despite this, I liked the game well enough and had fun with it, but I don't see myself replaying it very often at all due to the terrible combat and some very tedious puzzles that I would dread going through again the second time around. A 7/10 is a good rating for it, I think. Good, but falls short of being great.

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2 Re: Rate The Saw Game on 24/04/10, 11:41 pm


Just woke up here
Just woke up here
wasn't what i expected

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