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Lube MY ASS game

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1 Lube MY ASS game on 16/01/11, 11:08 pm

Adam S.

Just woke up here
Just woke up here
If you are registered on HOJ you probably know this game. If not all you do is take a line from any of the movies and take out some words and put the words 'my ass'. To start it off I'll put this line:

Just lean forward into my ass with your face.
-Jigsaw:Saw IV

It's your turn.

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2 Re: Lube MY ASS game on 25/02/17, 08:42 pm


Jigsaw copycat
Jigsaw copycat
Wow. Very unfunny and highly offensive, Adam S. You should be ashamed!

"History is a passion for me. In Ancient Egypt if you were speaking under oath you were required to say 'If I am lying take me to the quarries.' Does that mean anything to you?"

"No sir it doesn't.....My ass."

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