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i hope we can have more fun on this site

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Just woke up here
Just woke up here
with the other site, (the original HOJ), i noticed moderators were somewhat dicks, but on this site it seems like we don't like them...well i hope my username doesn't offend anybody (if not, give me reputation points, lolz) and I think i created this name in homage to Vinc360...i remember watching Saw 3D in theaters and looking over at my friend, deeply saddenned... As he drove home that night, i looked through the HOJ forum and read a really long topic on Saw 3D and it sucked. I then saw the authors name and it was Vinc. I got really sad because I know he was on the site for a long time and loved the saw series. It's very sad to see a movie that people love, get shattered into pieces like Saw 3D did.

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